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Landscape Design

Design services begin with an on-site or virtual consultation with the client to identify unique site opportunities and constraints.  Following the consultation, we work to develop a plan illustrating a design solution and then it is presented to the client for review and feedback. Designs are specifically tailored to address each homeowner's unique needs and desires and created in unison with the home's architecture.


Common amenities considered in the design process:

  • Landscape plantings

  • Woodwork - pergolas, arbors

  • Fencing

  • Stone and Brickwork - patios, walkways, decorative piers, retaining walls

  • Stormwater management - bio-swales, dry river beds, rain gardens

  • Vegetable gardens

  • Child play areas - play houses, sensory plantings

  • Low voltage lighting - home and landscape accent, security

Cost: $400+, varies by size of property and detail of design

Consulting/Garden Coaching

Do you have questions about how to maintain your existing garden?  Or maybe you don't need a formal landscape design, just to talk through a few options for specific areas?  We can help with that too!  On-site and virtual consulting is also available.  

Cost: trip charge + hourly rate

Project Management

Not a DYIer? 

Project management options:

  • bed layout via marking paint

  • flagging/spraying plant locations

  • recommendations for installation contractors

Cost: trip charge + hourly rate

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