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Lindsay Smith: Owner, designer and registered horticulturalist

My passion for the outdoors began as a child when I would spend time helping my grandfather in his garden.  I can still taste and smell the green onions he would pull from the ground for us to eat right there in the garden.  The idea of working the soil, planting a seed, watering it and patiently waiting for something to grow was fascinating to me. 


Today, my days are filled raising two young daughters alongside my husband, Evan.  We don't have an elaborate vegetable garden like my grandfather did (spending time weeding a big garden doesn't exactly fit into this season of life), but we do love spending time outdoors and maintaining our newly planted monarch butterfly waystation! 



- 14 years of industry experience working in landscape design, construction and maintenance for clients throughout the Midwest and East Coast

- bachelor of science degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, in Landscape Horticulture and Design

- registered horticulturalist in the state of Indiana

- owner of landsmith landscape design since 2014

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